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Welcome to THE website that takes the 'Street Level' view on anything and everything fire service. From day one in all firefighters career they start in the jumpseat. Views from the jumpseat is dedicated to quality content from this perspective.

If your a Chief Officer, welcome back! If you are a Day one Probationary, Welcome aboard!


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Collection of Views from a Jumpseat-Riding Firefighter

A collection of views from a Jumpseat-riding firefighter is a collection of blogs and stories from Ryan Pennington. Come join Ryan as he shares his views on different topics and how they are seen from a street level firefighter.

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Collection of Views of a Jumpseat-Riding Firefighter 2

A collection of Views is a group of blog posts, articles, and writings from Contributing Editor Ryan Pennington. Expressing the views of the street level firefighter the 'views' are all written from this perspective. Bunker up and share in the view from the jumpsea

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.
Ryan Dennett, Training Capt.

After two episodes the content has been great. Definitely looking for more outstanding podcast ad I know Ryan will not dissapoint.  A nice laid back feel to it, which makes listening to it very easy

Joey Baxa, Firefighter

As a fellow firefighter I find Ryan’s information and opinions to be delivered in a way that is easily understood. His presentation is organized but does not appear staged which allows for open dialogue with his guest . Every level of firefighter or officer can benefit from listening.


Ryan brings the views of all the backseat firefighters to light. Episode 3 really reminded me that after 20 years the basics things I learned years ago.

Firefighter 505 ,

This podcast has been and continues to be a go to source that addresses everyday, real world applications for all skill levels. R.P. continues to spread pertinent, life saving messages in a very down to earth format. Don’t know how folks improve their craft without a good does of Jumpseat Radio.

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