3 Tips from the Jumpseat

Good afternoon from the jumpseat.  Yesterday’s shift was a long one that saw plenty of action, just not in my area. It’s kinda funny how that works.  With the colder temperatures, coming it seems to be increasing our fires.  Are you ready for the increase?

Make sure it’s ready…#jumpseatready!

Often when fall hits the fires seem to be more frequent.  Call it what you will the cold temps do seem to increase structure fires.  Knowing the increase is coming what are you doing to prepare?  Let’s review a few quick pointers to keep ourselves #jumpseatready.

  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Keep extra gloves and hoods
  • Dry your gear

These three tips from the jumpseat can make for a safer fire scene.  Simple right?  Sometimes even the simplest things are overlooked.  Just like getting plenty of sleep. How many studies have to be published for us to listen too before we get enough sleep the night before our shifts.  Then you have the challenges faced by the volunteer side.  Look, I like fighting fires as much as everyone but if the pager sounds and your exhausted just don’t go.  It is not worth putting yourself or others at risk, let your fellow firefighters handle this alarm and you can get the next one.

Often, departments do not have the funding to provide firefighters with two sets of turnout gear.  We cannot help that, we can help that many steam burns happen on our hands and head.  With that in mind we should spend some of our money to invest in extra hoods and gloves.  I know, I know, spend my money on department equipment.  Yelp, the person that benefits from this is YOU!  Sometimes fires come in two’s and threes and by having fresh hoods or gloves you can reduce the chances of steam burns.Dry your gear seems simple enough as well.  I see it way to often that following a fire we do not take the timeto hang up our gear where it will dry.  This can also lead to steam burns if we are entering a super-heated environment with wet gear on but can also lead to

mildew and mold if the gear doesn’t dry completely. As the fires keep coming let us all look around and take an extra minute to prepare our ppe.  Remember, the ones whose life is dependent on is yours and you are worth the extra time!

Bunker up, buckle in, it’s where we all begin!