No Boundaries

Good morning from the jumpseat, feels good to be home from a quick trip to Cincinnati Ohio area. It is truly amazing how you can contact a person, who knows a person, that will give you a guided tour of the area like Chief Steve Pegram from Goshen Fire Department did for me.  His four-hour tour of the fire departments around the outskirts of Cincy was amazing!

As we toured the Loveland Symmess, Goshen, and Milford fire Departments, a common theme kept coming up, “No Boundaries”. They have joined together for responses, training, and sharing of information. What a great idea.  I am sure that this is not the only area that has gone to this idea but they are taking it to the next level.  It is very common in these departments to have staff that works full or part-time in the other stations.  Talk about cross-training, it also seemed to be a building block for firefighter moral and camaraderie.

The camaraderie that existed between the firefighters and officers was amazing.  We could learn a lesson from the Ohio fire departments.  With the economic downturn affecting us, we can learn to take down the borders and ramp up the coöperation.  Sharing response districts, training, and even staffing can maximize the efforts of all departments and make our communities safer while saving taxpayer dollars.


Stay tuned for more lesson’s from my Ohio trip……