A Firefighters view from 30,000 Feet!

Firefighters Vacations

Flight to Clearwater Florida

Here is our flight to the Florida Coast

It is truly amazing the perspective that you can see while riding in an airplane 30000 feet above the earth.  I am writing today from the jumpseat of an airplane heading toward the surf, sand, and sun of Florida’s gulf coast.   Having a career that put’s a big strain on your body and mind vacations are necessary in my opinion, to unplug from the hectic schedule that comes with shift work and countless emergencies answered.  How do you let down or “get away” from answering emergencies?

Flying High

30,000 feet offers up personal reflection while sitting beside my family proud to be their dad and husband.  You see being a firefighter is a calling but being a family is a blessing.  The richest man in the world does not have anything on this guy because my payment is the look of my family when we are together.   Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in hustle and bustle of work and the extra work that we must do to have extra’s.

So how do you spend your downtime?  Do you take that once or twice a year’s break to find a little piece and quite.  You should, just like flying in an airplane spending time focusing in on your family and what is good will help you be ready for when you have to deal with tragedy.  Most often, when we meet folks at work, something has happened or gone wrong. Dealing with this constant stress can take a toll on the most hardened of firefighters.

Look up it’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s a firefighter heading off to enjoy some fun in the sun!  The next time you see an airplane just wave and think that on board could be somebody that answers the call to serve in today’s fire service.  Thank you for your service folks and we hope that you have a great time on vacation!  We will hold down the fort until it’s time to get back into the jumpseat.  For now, it is the Florida coast and winter the dolphin for me!  Be safe!


And always remember to bunker up, buckle in, the jumpseat is where we all begin!