A must see Video!

Picture From Statter911.com

A video is worth a thousand words! I just can’t get this particular video out of my mind and feel impelled to write a couple observations about it.  I am a HUGE opponent to keyboard quarterbacking videos of firefighters as you are only seeing a small glimpse of the fire scene.  This video offers enough of a look to ask a few questions.  Unlike many of the discussions I want to know the firefighters perspective.

  • Could they not see the Huge amount of Self-Venting fire
  • Are their firefighters trained in master stream applications
  • Did the firefighters not ask their officers, Come on Man?

I do believe that as street level firefighters we can offer an opinion or suggestions to our officer in regards to crew safety or attack.  How you state you view will determine how it is received   Any well rounded officer who is confident in their abilities will listen and consider your offerings when it regards the entire crew safety.

I always believe that if you see something you should say something.  This is a classic example of just that. “Hey capt., what do think about getting some master streams going?” would be a great mention in this particular situation.  Today’s fire officers have so many things to be concerned with and maybe with your suggestion they may consider large amounts of water.


This video is so concerning to me as a firefighting educator and has so many learning points.  Please do not judge the fire department or firefighters appearing in it but take away some learning points from it.  I truly believe that the ladder fall could happen to us all if we skip the basics of ladder placement.  Footing the ladder and using a roof ladder when venting should be reviewed as you watch this video.  I hope that all firefighters involved injuries heal quickly and they continue their service for many years!

Watch the entire video here on Statter911.c0m