A New Movement:From the Jumpseat.

Good morning, from the Jumpseat. Today is August 19, 2013, my birthday! Over the past few weeks this jumpseat riding firefighter has been struggling with different issues. Without going into to many details it’s time for some changes. I feel like many of us get pulled down in to negativity and lose focus on how blessed we truly are to be serving as a firefighter. I surely have been pulled down in to the pits and it’s time to get up and CHANGE THE WORLD!views stickers

Yelp, I said change the world! Believing in ourselves and the changes we can make to our world starts with one person, YOU.


With the big 40 staring this guy down in the face I am going to make some changes, adjustments, and plan on taking you along on the ride. I have shared many “views” with you over the past 5 years, and stand blown away with the responses, tweets, email messages, and kind words when meeting each of you.
So now it begins!

The Plan: Short Blogs EVERYDAY: Documenting calls, within allowable parameters, views, travels, and an inside look at the articles that are being written. Sort of an inside look at the jumspeat. While some insight will come the day of publishing most will be a live look at ONE YEAR IN THE JUMSPSEAT.

Why do it?

Being part of something bigger is how I think of writing Views from the Jumpseat. Keeping this journal I hope to motivate many others that are in the same position as me. Join in, read along, or add your opinions will all be welcome and at the end a book will be published putting in print the success, failures, challenges, and rewards!

When does it start:

Starts now! Today’s post will go up this evening and start this journey to make us all JUMPSEATREADY!!!!
Sit down, pull up a chair, and let’s see where this ride takes us…………………..