Allentown Allen Street Fire Part 2 Digging It Out – 8.29.11

Ok viewsfromthejumpseat, time for another lesson if fighting hoarder home fires. Tools of the trade need for putting these fires out. Fire truck, water,hose, and a bulldozer. Yelp you guessed it, in this video you will see a great illustration of what it may take to get these fires completely out.
Fighting hoarder home fires is a complex animal. First, think of the fire load inside these homes. WOW….With the shear amount of contents on fire not to mention the density of the piles of belongings can make for some fast moving large bodies of fire. Now make it a small fire through a pathway then Bam your looking at pathways to your death.
Some prepare right, get your check list and it may just include the local demolishing company to bring in the heavy equipment to bring the building down to get the fire out!
Be safe!
Thanks to the brave members of Allentown Fire for this wonderful video showing a tough job in a hoarder home!
welcome to the jumpseat!