Back Seat Accountability!

Are you accountable for you riding position? Every day I happen across proud men and women of America serving their community in the role of a Firefighter/Ems Provider. With great websites like you keep up with event’s as they happen or shortly after. The event I noticed as of late is the lack of fitness and Obesity of our brother’s and sister’s. At what point is enough. When are we going to be accountable to ourselves and each other? This topic has became near and dear to me because I was one of the obese firefighters. I am ashamed to admit that a lot of times I used a structure fire to even measure how fit I truly was. On an emergency scene is not the time or place to measure fitness, or lack thereof!

Now this is my disclaimer: Who am I and what do I know about obesity and fitness. Well, I don’t hold a degree in fitness nor nutrition but I will tell you that what qualifies me to be writing this article is that I have been there done that! First off just like in all my other articles I ride backwards, I don’t give orders, I take them! But does that give me the excuse to not be prepared for my job, NO! At what point do you say, “Enough is Enough” and stop the madness! Whether you’re a Rural volunteer firefighter or a downtown firefighter we all owe it to ourselves and our loved ones to be ready! So, are accountable for you position? Are you ready for the BIG ONE? Are you fit to fight? Are you like I was another excuse away from a stroke? Follow along today as I share some personal experience with my struggles to be Back Seat Accountable.

welcome to the jumpseat!