Backing the truck up in Delaware!!

When was the last time that you got out of comfort zone and took time to visit other departments?  I recently had that opportunity to present a firefighter safety program to  the Seaford Vol. Fire Department  and the Delaware Vol. Fire Chiefs Assoc in Seaford Delaware and WOW is all I have to say!  The members treated me with respect and kindness as their Assistant Chief guided a tour of their facility and apparatus.  From the EMS room to the antique pumper it all was well kept and maintained.

The best part of the visit was interacting with the members of Seaford and the Delaware State fire Chief’s Association.    As I sat at the wonderful dinner that was served I felt at home.  Wow, 7 hours from Charleston in a room full of 75-100 people that I didn’t really know and I felt at home?  Really?  Yes, it was because we all share a common bond of the fire service!  
What did I learn from visiting Delaware?  I learned that Delaware doesn’t have a vacant house problem, how they are dealing with a increasing EMS call volume, and most importantly how to treat a fellow firefighter.  Sharing knowledge and experiences is a wonderful thing but receiving is 10 times more valuable to those willing to listen!

I would like to send out a Heart Felt “THANK YOU” to the Seaford Delaware  VFD and the Delaware Vol. Fire Chiefs Assoc.   They truly are a class act.  

Maybe someday soon they will “Back the Truck Up” and save a firefighters life!

welcome to the jumpseat!