Built on a Solid Foundation

From the massive amounts of tweets, comments, and emails that we have generated from the wonderful twitter conversations one need keeps coming to mind.  How is you foundation of firefighting skills? It is interesting seeing the folks who are “new” to our world offer their opinions, concerns, and observations.  When we join our departments as incoming firefighters, jumping through the recruit or probationary process are you truly learning the skills that will carry you through the next 20 plus years.

As new firefighters, we, the training folks, should make sure that, they are receiving large doses of basic fundamental skills. This is a hose, a halliagan, or a hook just does not cut it in my book.  We should be taking the time to show the skill and allow them to practice it repeatedly until they could perform it under live conditions.  One important addition to training should be the explanation to the firefighter of why, how, and where the skill should be used.  If you explain the skill to them, their learning level will be increased because they understand the “reasoning” behind it.

A solid foundation will crumble if you do not maintain it!  This means that once you move into an experienced firefighter roll you should remember to revisit the skills given to you when new.  We should never go back to the basics because we should never leave them.  One good way of keeping your skills sharp is to teach or take part in the training of the new firefighters.   When teaching a skill it gives you the chance to practice but also requires you to review it before the time to perform.

I could not tell you how often I learn more from my students that they do from me.  Teaching Firefighters has to be one of the best ways to make sure that your foundation stays rock solid for your entire career.  Get out, find a new firefighter, and take time to show them how to stay #jumpseatready!


Be safe everyone….

Bunker up, buckle in, it’s where we all begin!!!!!