Busiest Firefighter on Scene?

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Good afternoon from the jumpseat.  As another busy shift progressed on the best side we recieved the three words we all sit around and wait for.  Engine 8 for the “reported Structure Fire.”  Those words came across the radio as I was stepping up to drive the engine while returning from an automatic alarm when it happened.

I always will say that the best seat on any fire truck is in the back.  The jumpseat is the fun seat and I think it always will be. Just so happens that this day I would learn a little more of the command side of things.  Funny to think that it has been a several years since I have commanded a scene but I would imagine that it has been over 5-10.  Not since my days running with my volly house have I been in charge. Once we turned around we could see the header from the station. Upon arrival we had reports of possible entrapment and my officer went into rescue mode leaving me with supply and set up.  Dang, it got busy.  From helping the first hose line off, to setting up my pump, to grabbing a ladder to throw for secondary means of egress the first five minutes was hectic to say the least.

So where am I going with this blog, well I think we need to go into “Work Mode” on today’s structure fires.  As our staffing levels go down our work ethic and multi-tasking should go up.  The policy makers don’t set the stage for our safety WE DO. We all should operate under the incident command while always being a step ahead. Do we really need told to throw that ladder or get our pumps set up. NO  While freelancing isn’t tolerated and aggressive driver or firefighter should be encouraged when their duties are laid out early by their chief or officer.

The team concept needs to be all our goals, a team with a leader and a concept of everyone working together.  I have the honor of serving with a group of guys who get it. We have our jobs assigned and we know that when the bell hits we all are #jumpseatready.  Question is are you?

Thanks for the stop in the jumpseat and remember……

Bunker up, buckle in,and remember that we ALL start in the Jumpseat.

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