Cant find the Hoard?

Good morning from the jumpseat.  Now that we are home from storm relief and it is time to catch up on the views site.  During my deployment with WVTF-1 I received a message asking why hoarding can be hard to identify from the outside? There are a few different causes for this.

  • People who hoard are reclusive in nature
  • They often feel ashamed of their disorder
  • Family members often are not allowed to visit

These points about the people who accumulate large amounts of belongings can complicate our responses to their homes.  If you are unaware of inside conditions then find out that hoarding is present share that information with everyone that could deal with the situation.  Police, fire, ems, and utility workers all can be exposed to the dangers of a Hoarded environment that is why sharing this information is so vitally important.

Stay tuned for more information about “Hidden Hoarders” coming soon!