Change our Culture…Really

Good morning from the jumpseat.  There is a term floating around that I am not sure if I agree with.  “Changing the culture of the fire service”, really.  Do we need to change the men and women who serve their communities and bring hope to the victims as we ride in on our big red trucks?  Do we need to change the work ethic of the firefighters who have sucked it up under the possibilities of lay off and reduced staffing?  I think you get the point.  There are many things that the fire service can change but maybe the culture is not one.

Let’s change the attitudes of the younger “hurray for me” members.  Change the amount of training it takes to ride on the rigs.  Can we make better decisions, yes.  Would a culture devoted to safety make it safer for us, maybe?

I think our culture is just fine.  Thousands of men and women choose to be firefighters and stand ready and proud to go beyond the call of duty to protect you and me.  I think our culture is just fine, we just need chief’s that listen, company officers who lead by example, and firefighters committed to helping their fellow firefighters successfully protect our communities from fire and medical emergencies.


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