Commander in Chief

Good morning from the jumpseat.  The elections are over and it’s time to regain our television channels. The winners have made their victory speeches and the loser start planning for the next election. All I can say is let’s get back to work!  It does not matter who our leader is when it comes down to you doing what is required of you, work. I truly feel that we are caught up in the politics in the firehouse just as many Americans do on election years.  We choose red or blue and can develop poor attitudes when our color does not win.

Choosing a side that loses can make you bitter and give a reason to not take responsibility for your actions, this should not be allowed!  Should we get active in politics, yes?  Does everyone deserve the right to vote while expressing his or her opinions, YES!  Can this affect our day-to-day operations, YES?

The purpose of this blog is not to defeat or discourage the activity in the political arena.  It is to keep the politics OUT OF THE FIREHOUSE.  I have seen politics in the firehouse ruin great firefighters and leaders.

Therefore, as the winners take office and the loser press forward let us all join in support of all firefighters.  You may not like the commander in chief, or your chief, but our jobs need us to support one another on an hourly basis.  Win, lose, or draw the fire service still answer the calls to serve.  Serve it knowing that someday you could be the Commander in Chief!