Day 2: Focus

Good morning from the Jumpseat.  As the best year continues it’s day number 2.

It is amazing how busy our lives become.  Most folks who work the standard 9-5 schedule have no clue how hectic shift work can be and have no clue how it opens you up for other opportunities to take part in different things.  Being active in our children’s lives is important to us all and our shifts allow us to have a HUGE roll in their lives.  This is defiantly the biggest advantage of shift work, BY FAR.image

Day 2 and its clear how much time we fill with different things.  Sports, meetings, writings, and working fill the days.  We need to make sure to unplug once a day and share downtime with our spouses and children.  Today’s constant contact devices (CCD) make it a huge distraction to interact with folks from around the globe.  Social media, texting, and emails need to take a backseat to reading, hugs, and showing our love to our children. Struggling with this slows this jumpseat rider down and today is the day that we all refocus on it.  CCD down, Hugs Up!!

Still reeling from a weekend of fires, shootings, and a call volume that would rival the biggest of cities day 2 of the challenge was a day in the jumpseat.  Medic first, engine second would be the day’s lineup. Medic day went well, with no major disasters and the Engine night was a night of rest, finally.  A slow night is a welcome change from time to time.

Medic views from the day include how valuable the stair chair is.  We had multiple calls with multiple stairs and using the stair chair is a must.  It truly is an invention that saves EMS workers while making the patient more comfortable.  Using our imagination when carrying has shown a new way of using it, I will share later.  The day was a steady stream of basic calls until the bells rang out….Rollver…..  While the call went well, with no major injuries, it truly is amazing how we go from a down time to full on, game time.

Day 2 brought a new inspiration to stay busier longer around the station.  We can get lazy, comfortable, and discouraged from time to time. Day 2 was the day this jumpseat rider worked a little harder than the last shift.

Today’s training was a review of the Lifepack 15.  It has all the bells and whistles and I always review to a make sure it don’t whistle when I need a bell Great Review.

Final thought on Day 2……..

Keeping yourself motivated can come from your surroundings but it really needs to come from within.  Find your motivation and use it to make sure you are ready for the next time your skills are needed!