What a great video on hoarder homes. Just imagine how NO ONE goes into this persons house. Until, that is, they call 911 then it’s you that has to go in. Unfortunately this person was beyond 911’s help but the next time you may have to enter. Whether for a EMS run or a fire keep in mind that these homes can be a death trap of filthy materials. It doesn’t have to be on fire to be dangerous. Just look at all the filth, animal feces, rotten food, and insects that can cause you harm if entering to help someone.
Just as in a fire these homes need to be sized up before entering for a emergency. Notice the cleaners have boot, arm, and dust masks on. You should take these precautions as well if you are entering a hoarder home on a EMS run.
Fools go rushing in comes to mind when dealing with these homes…..stay tuned to the jumpseat for the Hoarder scale and what it means to YOU!!!!
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