Do you lay in?

Had to repost this one.  This debate came up again tonight.  Here is a clip from the views on  What is your opinion?  Click on link to read entire blog post!

Do you lay in?

It’s a great debate for the loyal readers of Views From the Jumpseat. Now keep in mind that I am not an officer, nor do I play one on television.

I have been in some interesting discussions, as of late, on whether to lay your own supply line when arriving at a structural fire. I don’t believe you could find more opinions if you paid someone for them. I’ve heard everything from “what if no one shows up” to “maybe the second due breaks down.”

Take a moment and set the department policy aside. What is your preference to this question?

Keep in mind that I have seen a few fires in my day. But, I am currently not the decision maker on my engine, which is still the best job. Let’s review some pro’s and con’s.


  • You have your own water source
  • You don’t depend on any other units for supply
  • You don’t run out of water


  • Blocking access to the incoming units with your supply line
  • Cutting your first due crew short one person
  • You can run out of water if no supply line is established\

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