Everybody Racks

Good afternoon from a Cold Jumpseat.  As the dog days of winter continue to pass, the pride that comes from the interaction with the “Views Crew” keeps my  keyboard warm with more and more ideas coming out.  Today’s view, as usual, comes from talking to more firefighters.  When it is time to take up, roll up, or rack in your department does “Everybody Rack?” Everybody Racks

One good thing with my department is that when it is time to pick up after a fire EVERYONE jumps in and gets the job done.  I have seen many fire departments where the “senior” firefighters or officers do not help in the take up process.  I am not a big fan of this.  A fire officer or senior firefighter can earn the respect of everyone on the fire scene long after the fire has been put out.

If you are there for the fight, you should be there for the cleanup. From racking of hose to the repacking of the supply line, we all should jump in to get the job done.  If everyone jumps in to get  done it will take half the time and require half of the effort of everyone.  Teamwork makes the dream work comes to mind when it is time to return everything to service.

This concept should really be focused on now that the temperature has dropped lower than my college son’s income level.  Frozen hoses, iced up turnouts, and the frigid temperatures should make us all work harder to get back to the station.

So the next time your fire is placed under control and you think it’s time to hang by the water cooler and tell stories remember this blog and that “everybody racks:”  So we all can go home!!!!!