FDIC 2013 Next Level Partnership

Since the beginning of my “big city” firefighting career in 2007, ok Charleston is a big city in WV, I have carried a couple different flashlights on my turnout gear, helmet, and strap. I made this personal decision after an experience during my rookie year after we made a knock down on a two-story apartment fire.  My Capt. grabbed my handlight and went to the next room checking for extension leaving me sitting in a darkened down apartment. That day I made the decision to have a flashlight with me at ALL times during my firefighting career.  I understand that we train in blacked out conditions but why should we struggle to find our way when they made awesome flashlights.  Here is where the jumpseat story gets interesting………..

Being Prepared for Fire

Being prepared goes along ways

Whether or not you choose to carry certain tools, lights, or equipment in your personal selection is a choice that should be made by every firefighter.  From wire cutters to the kitchen sink I have seen so many different variations of tools carried.  One that this jumpseat rider always choses is multiple flashlights.  Explaining the reasoning behind how many firefighters choose to walk around in the dark is hard for me to understand.  If your area is much like mine, we see most of our fires at nighttime.  This means you respond, pull on scene, complete your 380, and go to work in the dark.  Before your engineer has time to place the scene lights in service is when we can be at the most risks for falls and other hazards!

With that in mind, I stumbled across a line of helmet lights that I have worn since 2010.  The fox fury line of helmet lights first caught my attention because they had less entanglement potential and offered a flood type beam.   It is amazing how they light up the area directly in front of you while working.  From the command 10 to my new discover tasker-s they are on my helmet for training, teaching, and on duty.  Where this story really gets interesting is last year’s FDIC conference in Indy where I had the honor of meeting the men and women who make these awesome lights.   It was the beginning of an awesome partnership!

It’s rare that you find folks that have the same interest as yours from thousands of miles away.  The fox fury folks are committed to providing first responders quality lighting products that hold up in all conditions.  From constant testing to innovations, they keep pushing to provide us with most dependable lights that hold up under extreme conditions.


That is why I extremely honored to announce that at this year’s FDIC 2013 I will be joining my Foxfury family and welcoming firefighters into their display booth and sharing our passion of firefighting.  If you are in Indy this year, make sure to stop by the FoxFury booth and share some stories about our passion of firefighting.  Ask for the jumpseat guy and let’s connect!  I will introduce you to my Foxfury family who is committed to firefighter safety!