Fire Training Gone Wrong

NORTH LAS VEGAS (KSNV & MyNews3) — As you’re about to see, training to fight fires can be as dangerous as the real thing.

News 3’s Mackenzie Warren obtained video of an accident during a training drill in January that lead to last week’s suspension of the North Las Vegas Fire Chief.

What was meant to be practice got a little too real. That day, four men were hurt—two badly. Shortly after, the exercise burned up a partnership between two fire departments and now six months later, the accident could cost Chief Al Gillespie his job.

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This story from should remind us all the dangers that goes with our chosen profession, even in training burns.  I have the honor of spending countless hours in the burn room and flashover chamber.  One lesson that I always get reminded of is the fire don’t know when it’s training or when it real because it all is real.  No keyboard quarterbacking here needed, just a stark reminder that when we are battling fire we should do things the same way each and every time.  Safety should be on all our minds as we set up to fight any fire.  I look forward to this report so we can learn from this close call.  I strongly believe that we need to learn from all near misses or challenges that our brother and sister firefighters encounter all around the world.

Bunker up, Buckle in,  it’s where we ALL begin!!!