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Firefighter Fitness

A lot of folks depend on us!

Good afternoon from the recliner, well almost time to get back in the jumpseat!  After yesterday’s recording of our new podcast that will be appearing on I found the motivation to go for a quick run this morning.  You can say it was one of those “ah-hah” moments during our first show.

My co-host and I(average-jake, AKA Robby Owens) were discussing the issue of firefighter accountability.  Not the kind of on scene accountability but the kine where we all take responsibility for our training, readiness, and fitness.  He quoted a firefighter that say’s when they run they run a mile for their kids, a mile for his wife, a mile for his crew members, and a mile for the community he serves!


What a great way of assigning a value to the work that you are doing.  By putting a face to that mile it gives you extra motivation to think that you are held accountable to someone other than yourself!  Sometimes fitness and nutrition can be one of the hardest aspects of our careers.  By assigning a person or value to the work that you are doing will help keep the motivation up and crank out the miles to ensure you are fit for the fight!


Hear are some Jumpseat perspectives on this concept!

  • Run the first mile for your family!
  • Crank out the second for the community
  • Bring it home as you run one for the crew that depends on YOU!

Look, fitness is something that I have struggled with for years!  I LOVE TO EAT, just like many of my fellow firefighters.  With that in mind we should make it a point to get moving and remember that we are not only training for ourselves, but our family and other crew members as well.

Keep cranking the miles out and keep your eyes out for some new stuff from


Thanks for the stop, and remember to Bunker up, Buckle in, it’s where we ALL Begin!