Firefighter Injuries

Good afternoon from the jumpseat.  I must confess that being hurt and unable to head back to the firehouse, STINKS.  As my shoulder begins to heel my brain is back to work thinking about everything fire service.

Today’s topic: Firefighter Injuries 

Let’s face it, our chosen profession can cause us injury or even death in a blink of an eye.  Have you ever been hurt on the job?  I can honestly say that this has been my first injury.  Making it for this number of years without a serious injury has  been a blessing.  But just when you’re not expecting it, BAM, something happens.  Sparing the details of my injury let’s just say it wasn’t on a fire scene.

So, are you ready to deal with an injury.  The best preparation is prevention!  By regular exercise, diet, and functional fitness we all can prevent injuries.  So why is it so dang hard. My guys and wife can cook, our lives don’t ever seem to stop, and, well I’ll end the excuses  there.  It sure does seem like we all have excuses of why we can’t get physical fitness time in. One term comes to mind…SUCK IT UP…

As I age these principles seem to be more applicable than ever. I don’t recover as fast from fires, can’t stay up as late, and seem to be more risk to injury.  I would encourage everyone reading this sad little blog post to quit making excuses like me.  As i begin the process of building my shoulder back to #jumpseatready  status it’s back to the drawing board and diet wagon I must go.

It’s just not fair that as we gain experience in the fire service that are bodies make it hard to put it too good use.  I guess we are meant to Pay it forward to the next group.  Here’s to sixteen more years with all of you and remember……


Bunker up, Buckle in, it’s where we all begin!!!!