Get up and DO SOMETHING!

Good afternoon from the jumpseat.  I was thinking about the recent release of the 2010 Stats of Line of duty deaths.  2010 was a down year in total number of deaths in the fire service, a trend that we hope to continue the next 100 years.  Here are some stats from the USFA:

20 On-Scene Fire 23.5%                                 28 Paid Firefighter
19 Other On-Duty 22.3%                                 55 Vol. Firefighters    
16 Responding 18.8%                                       1 wildland
16 After 18.8%                                                 1 Paid on call
7 Training 8.23%
4 On-Scene Non-Fire 4.70%
1 Returning 1.17%
1 Other 1.17%
1 Unknown 1.17%

Get up and DO something about your safety to help from being in these statistics next year!   Slow down, buckle your seatbelt, wear your pack of air, study your trade, learn your Territory’s, and get yourself into a fitness program.  Because sometimes even if you do everything right, it still can go wrong!

God bless the fallen firefighters that have paid the ultimate price serving their communities!

 May we honor their sacrifice by learning from them.

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