Good instructor gone great!

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Good afternoon from the injured reserve.  As I sit today listenting to my pastor in church my mind couldn’t help to wonder on why he is a great pastor?  What makes an instructor go  from being good to great?  So off to the facebook and twitter world I went to find out what you folks thought made a good instructor great and you didn’t let me down.  The responses were overwhelming and interesting. What do you think  makes  great instructor?  Let’s share some of the responses that you submitted:

Passion for the Subject:

I would have to agree that this is number 1 on my list.  @FFmedic_592 shared this one on twitter.  “They have to have a sparkle in their eye for the subject they are teaching.”  Talk about hitting the nail on the head, there it is.  If you are not passionate about your subject and just read slides while going through the motions are you really connecting to your students? If you don’t show passion in your topic I believe that you will not get the teaching points to the student’s often without putting them to sleep.  You can’t hide passion and it definitely  shows in your actions, words, and presentations.


Been there, done that, got the t-shirt is a phrase that comes to mind when @kyengineguy posted that he believes the instructor needs to have experiences in the subject that they are teaching.  Agreed, with one minor exception the low-frequency type of events.  One example is high angle rope rescue.  How many of these types of calls will we run in our career.  These types of calls are few and far between.  Maybe the experience will come from teaching the skills, not real world example’s.  Does a history teacher need to be present at the events from the past to teach them?  Not really but I do agree that a level of experience does add to the creditability of the instructor, it’s just a fine line between the need.


Thanks for all the responses today on this subject.  These are two example of responses that you, Views Crew, members left.  We will revisit this subject again as I believe that it is a worthy subject that needs explored further.

Keep the great responses coming in!

Have a great weekend!!