Goodbye 2009!


Looking back at the year that has past I have a lot of things to be thankful for and proud of. This year in my fire life I accomplished many new and exciting goals. Well Sort of? You see writing articles and blogs never was even on my radar until I met up with an old friend from years past. Chief Richard Gasaway and I met up last year in Charleston and again in Baltimore for a training opportunity and better yet chance’s to discuss our chosen careers. He was setting out on a national speaking career as I was getting settled into my new department. His wisdom made me begin to refer back to some of my experiences and taking his advice, Bam I started writing! I must say that I have enjoyed writing this blog and was captivated by the number of people who read my article of

With that being said 2009 also brought challenges and opportunities until the end. Each challenge was met HEAD ON with the strength and the support of my gracious family. I do realize that without your families love and support that you will never be able to reach your potential. In today’s world of divorce and deception it is truly the love of friends and family that pushes us to succeed and meet our challenge’s HEAD ON! I would encourage all of us to take some extra time off and reward the one’s that helps us fight our battles and is always on our team! THE HOME TEAM!


Be safe everyone….and Thanks Rich for introducing me to the written word!



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