Great video of initial attack with a rescue!

What a great video from the San Bernardino City Fire department.  I would like to share my view of this learning video.  The first impression of this video is the outstanding job by the first due officer in communication and control of the scene.  His command and size up are SPOT ON! Since this is views from the jumpseat let’s look at the backwards rider in this video.  SPOT ON again!  He was off the truck, hose stretched, PPE on, and waiting for his leader at the door. 

He did not go in until his officer was with him and directed him in.  This can be difficult for us all to remember especially when we have a confirmed rescue.  This is a great lesson for us, the firefighters, on how we should be ready, self sufficient while stretching, and under the direction of a leader before entry.  We are the followers, we wait on the leaders to direct us. 

We can facilitate this role by having riding assignments or listening to our leaders for there orders before the alarm sounds.  We can also learn our role by spending many hours on the drill field learning what they expect from us!  

Thanks to the San Bernardino Fire Department for posting this video.  I pray for the victim of this fire whatever the outcome may have been.  I truly believe they did a great job to provide a chance for survival.  
welcome to the jumpseat!