Health Concerns in a Hoarded Home

Good afternoon from the Jumpseat.

Houston Hoarder Home

The recent news coming out of Houston about the exposure to the Hanta Virus is driving home the risks associated with Hoarding Houses. This home was going to be featured on reality television which exposed the film crew, families, and neighbors who had volunteered to aid in the clean up.

What does this case teach us, the first responders.  Many valuable points come from studying this incident in Texas.

  • This is a Known Hoarder Home
  • Did anyone make the local Responders Aware
  • Why would you go into these conditions unprotected

As America’s first line of protection we owe it to our families to protect ourselves from danger.  Our job comes with an associated level of risk, controlling these risks is part of our job.  When faced with a Hoarding situation we need to add a level of respiratory protection among others.

The Hanta Virus is just one example of the danger’s inside a Hoarder Home.  Mold, ammonia, fecal matter, and different types of insects can be added to the list’s of dangers.  Would you go into a fire without your PPE? Then you shouldn’t go into a Hoarder Home without the proper level of protection as well.


Just remember that hoarder homes can expose you and in turn expose your family,if the illness is communicable.  This is my worst fear!  The thought of bringing home a virus or infection to my wife and Kids is just unthinkable.


It’s your Job to make sure this doesn’t happen……

Stay tuned for more ways to protect yourself and your family!!!!!!