Here’s my Number: Call me….Maybe?

In my shameless admitting of liking music that one would not normally call “manly”, I hear this song and it brings up a question.  Will I be ready when your number is called to respond? I would assume that we all are assigned to a station that has a number or a piece of apparatus that is identified by a number (IE: Engine 1 or Truck 2).  Question is are you ready if your number is announced following the words structural fire?  It seems like this happens at the least expected moment.  As everything you are doing is dropped and you walk, not run, to the door there are a million things running through your mind.  One thing that should not be is “am I ready”.ALways need to watch overhead!

Being a jumpseat riding firefighter comes with luxuries that an officer don’t get.  Usually I have only one person to watch over at the station, me.  That means that for 24 hours I should worry about Ryan’s PPE, job responsibilities, and equipment that has been assigned to me.  I can’t change policies, choose equipment purchases, or change how other people treat their jobs but I can control me.  It is easy to be dragged down into the pool of negativity in any situation, especially the fire department.  We all have ideas of how things “should be done” when the only thing we should be doing is getting ready for work.

Keeping our focus on our mission is hard for this jumpseat riding firefighter.  Writing these words and traveling to share my heavy content message allows me the honor of meeting many progressive firefighters, chiefs, and officers.  With that come many ideas of the “should be” way. However, the truth of this issue is, it is not my job!  What is my job is to mop, sweep, check trucks, and kick fire’s butt!  By understanding where I rank in the grand scheme of things can help us keep focused on the mission, saving lives!

So are you ready?  Ready to kick butt and take names? Remember that the next call may be calling on you….Maybe. No matter what your leadership is like or how right or wrong your department is ran our job is to be ready when it’s our turn for work.  Let’s stay #jumpseatready and be responsible for our actions, words, and job.  The best job in the world!!!!  Riding in the best seat on the job, THE JUMPSEAT!