Hoarder without Boarders

Good evening from the jumpseat.  As I try to unlock the lid that has firmly planted it’self on my brain I wanted to give a shout out to some folks that have reached out to me.  After the past year and half of researching Fires in Hoarded conditions my amazement keeps growing.  I had no clue of just how big of a problem Hoarding is becoming worldwide!

In the past month or so I have  spoken with Fire Advisor Tonya Roberts from Ontario Canada and Heather Matuozzo from the UK about the Hoarding problem.  It is truly amazing that we all are encountering this problem. So where do we go from here.  We all push forward to attack this problem HEAD ON!

Look, Hoarders don’t have boarders!

It matters not where you are located.  From the backwoods of West Virginia to London we all have the potential to face this epidemic. The best remedy is to fix the problem BEFORE a fire happens.  That is a proven fact that remains constant!  But then again we are the FIRE DEPARTMENT, we fight fires!

Fighting a Hoarder fire is NOT a normal response.  We need to all keep that in mind when the bell rings. Hoarder fires kill and have the potential to KILL FIREFIGHTERS.  The maze of belongings can leave you lost and trapped in a blink of an eye.

So back to the research lab I go!  I am passionate about protecting firefighters from the dangers of Hoarding!  Keep your eyes out for more hoarder fire information from the jumpseat soon!

A huge shout out to Canada and the UK for reaching out to band together across boarders to face Hoarding head on!

Be safe and remember,

Bunker up, Buckle in, it’s where we ALL begin!!
welcome to the jumpseat!