House Fire 2/4/12 Lyons Fire

Great video of early stages of a structural fire in Lyons New York. This is a typical scene that you will find when response times are short. Notice the color, density, velocity, and location of the smoke. Can you tell where the seat of the fire is? Is this a “bread and Butter” type response. Just remember that what may seem as a normal run of the mill room and contents may well be a “Hidden Hoarder”.
This fire demonstrates a effective interior attack coordinated with a incoming truck given the address to ladder the building. Great video of initial success on the fire ground. Shout out to Lyons NY!
Did you know:

The cost to the Melbourne Fire Department per fire was $2,100 for residential fires, compared to $34,000 for hoarding fires—more than 16 times the cost. (WPI study on hoarder house fires, 2009)
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