How long is your Hose?

Add some challenges

Add some challenges

After posting a pic on the views social media accounts to estimate a stretch I keep wondering who practices these tactics that everyone suggests.  When was the last time you’re drilled with your crew on extending a pre-connected attack line.  Let us review some quick tips from the jumpseat perspective to make sure your hose is long enough

Most all fire departments today use pre-connected attack lines.  From the crosslays to the blitz line off the hose bed knowing the lengths of hose and how far you need to stretch are concerns for every firefighter, not just the office in charge.  From the first day in the jumpseat we should practice estimating the amount of hose needed to reach the seat of the fire.  There are different ways of estimating the needed length.

Here are a few:

  • Use the length and width of the building to estimate needed length
  • Add 10 feet for every level of height of the building
  • Study your departments pre-fire plans to learn the buildings dimensions
  • Step off lengths after a fire alarm or medical
  • Continue to practice estimating building dimension.

From day one in the jumpseat we all should become students of the fire service.  Learning to estimate a stretch is one of the most important.  We all know that if you put the fire out things WILL get better.  Whatever your chosen method is to extend hoseline beyond the pre-connected length drill with it constantly and add in some variables such as cars blocking entrances or fallen trees.  You would be surprised how these two small variables will throw a wrench in to your drill.


Be safe everyone …and remember…

Bunker up, Buckle in, it’s where we all begin