How will you be remembered?

I am sitting in the station waiting for the next alarm to ring out, surfing the internet looking at the latest information on the fire service. In my surfing I come across a touching video honoring the fallen firefighters nationwide. This touching video was narrated by a young girl that moved me to tears. My first thought went to why am I sitting here in a chair and not doing something to prepare for the next alarm. We all have downtime in our tour whether they are 24’s, 14’s, or 10’s. So maybe I shouldn’t feel so bad. But if you were to not make it home to your family how will you be remembered? Would you be remembered as a student of the job or a pay check Fireman? We all have different personalities and priorities but should one of those priorities be OUR JOB? It’s simple each year we have approximately 100 or so line of duty death’s, and a high percentage of them are cardiac or stress related! So why is it that many of our priorities revolve around the firehouse meal and a recliner? Now a lot of us are not quite as bad as the other’s but I will bet you that there are still many of us unwilling or unable to make strides toward preventing LOD Deaths. How will you be remembered if today was your last shift?

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