I am a Fat Firefighter!

Good warm afternoon and welcome back to views from the jumpseat.

First Bike ride back on the WV Country Roads

As I have been inspired by you, the readers, and with the continuing research of fighting fires in hoarder house piled on top of a shoulder injury the fitness chips were stacked against me. Ok, just another excuse, but now that I am back at near 100 percent the excuses need to stop.

Today, I realized that I am a FAT FIREFIGHTER. No excuses for being this way!
Fitness seems to be a issue with many firefighters. Kids, work, part time work, kids, and many other excuses seem to put our time at a premium. We must make time for fitness, we all know that. So why do some of us struggle with this reality. I struggle with eating proportions, a schedule full of activities and a lack of motivation. This should not happen as I have a young daughter who I want to walk down the aisle someday, after putting the fear of god in him. I have a responsibility to her and the people who I serve to be fit for duty?
So the time is upon me again to make this journey back to the fitness that I had last year. I can remember vividly what it was like to outwork someone 10 years younger will smiling the entire time. I want that back!



How do you keep in shape? What motivates you? Leave comment’s below and I will start a twitter chat about how you keep from becoming a “Fat Firefighter!”


Bunker up, Buckle in , it’s time for the views fitness to begin….again!!!