IFD crew temporarily trapped in burning building

Picture Credit to IFD and Wishtv.com

Story From  wishtv.com

Story from the Indianapolis fire department this morning WISHTV.COM explained the happenings when a second story stairwell burned through.  A mayday was transmitted and all firefighters escape via ground ladders.

Wishtv released this statement from the IFD “According to a release from IFD, a fire broke out at the International Village Apartments in Speedway around 2:15 a.m. Crews arrived on scene to find heavy fire and smoke showing from the building.”

IFD is still investigating the cause of this fire.

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This story should hammer home the need for every window to have a ground ladder in it. When operating on a second story, or above, ladders should be placed then announced to all members operating in case something like this happens.  Kudos to the IFD for being #jumpseatready!