In the batters box!

Last night was a long night in the city! In the endless amounts of emergencies, a new theory came to mind. In baseball the warm up zone is known as the batters box. Have you ever thought that in emergency services we are always in the batter box? As we staff our stations or stand bye with our pagers at the ready, we are preparing for our next at bat. Only difference is that in our business we don’t know when it is our turn to bat. What does that mean to us? It means that we should ALWAYS prepare for the next run like it’s the world series! The uncertainty of what lies ahead should be in mind as you prepare your ppe and should not be taken by surprise. Because in our business you can go from the batters box to the world series in a matter of seconds! Always remember that preparation is the best practice. Be safe everyone and thanks for stopping by the jumpseat!

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