Is your gear Clean or Cool?

Good morning from the jumpseat.  Last night’s twitter conversation was a good one.  @firehousebench brought up the subject of “fire” smelling perfume that lead to a discussion on cleaning your turnout gear.  Great points were shared by many folks, here are a few:

AndyStarnesFire ‏@BelvedereParkW

good call, as in overhaul our PPE can release toxins after the fire

John Fisher ‏@JohnAFisher

Eau of unattended food. And no, I wouldn’t wear it. If you can smell it, you’re breathing it.

Average Jake ‏@AverageJakeFF

biggest thing to wash is your hood big chances for thyroid and throat cancer linked to dirty hoods

Is your Gear Clean or Cool?

Great learning points everyone!

Here is part of an article on washing points from

Advanced Cleaning

At least every six months, subject clothing to more thorough cleaning; general precautions include:

1. Examine manufacturer’s label

2. DO NOT USE Chlorine bleach or chlorinated solvents

3. Use cleaning solutions with a pH range of not less than 6.0 and not greater than 10.5

4. No high velocity water jets such as power washers

5. Clean and decontaminate protective ensembles separately from non-protective items

6. Where shells and liners are separable, clean and decontaminate those items with like items (i.e., shells with shells and liners with liners)

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Also great article can be found Here at