It’s Expo Week!

Good afternoon from hot and hot West Virginia,

It’s Firehouse Expo week in Baltimore Maryland! Expo week is always an exciting time for the fire service as firefighters from around the world gather in beautiful Baltimore Maryland. The Inner-Harbor makes for a wonderful backdrop for this great conference.

Firehouse has become a part of my family while writing my blog and articles.  Expo week is a great time to reach out and say hello to your favorite firehouse columnist, editors, and staff.

I sadly will not be able to attend Expo this year due to family conflicts but everyone who reads views from the jumpseat should take a moment to stop by the firehouse booth and while in classes to say hello to their favorite writer.  It means a lot to us all when someone takes a moment to stop by and say “I read your stuff”.

As this week gets kicked off let’s all stay tuned to and views from the jumpseat to keep up on the happenings at Firehouse Expo.

Bunker up, Buckle in, and remember that we all start in the jumpseat!