Jumpseat Radio 014: Interview with David J Soler

Jumpseat Radio 014: Interview with David J Soler


David J Soler is the Founder and Publisher of Firefighter Toolbox.  FirefighterToolbox is the fastest growing training online magazine in the fire service.

He is also the host of the iTunes Top Rated Firefighter Training Podcast called FirefighterToolbox Podcast where he has interviewed legends of the fire service like Chief Brunacini, FDIC Chief Halton, Chief Rubin, our very own Ryan Pennington and so many more.

Capt David Soler is a 2nd generation firefighter and has over 20 years in the fire service and has been both a career and volunteer firefighter. He has been a firefighter in several states including New York, New Jersey, Ohio, and Maryland.  As a Captain he has lead Company Turn Arounds in taken low responding, low motivated fire companies and led them into highly motivated, top responding fire companies.


David currently lives in southern California with his wife and 2 daughters.  You can learn more about David at FirefigherToolbox.com