Jumpseat Radio 018: Combat Ready firefighting with Tony Kelleher

Jumpseat Radio 018: Combat ready with Tony Kelleher

Working fire Chief Tony Kelleher

Working fire Chief Tony Kelleher


In this episode of Jumpseat Radio host Ryan Pennington brings Fire Chief Tony Kelleher on the show to talk about the “Combat Ready” mentality.  Being prepared, committed, and in the right mindset to handle the biggest emergency of your life each time the alarm bell rings is something we all should be striving for each minute that you are in and around the fire station.


Tony and Ryan give the listeners some insight into how the Kentland 33 fire station sets the expectations and how the members uphold those high expectations.


Some topics covered include:


  • Combat Ready Firefighters
  • First arriving Assignments
  • Long stretches with 1.5/1.75 inch attack lines



Tony’s Bio:


Tony “T2″ Kelleher has been a fireman for 14 years. He is currently the Chief of the Kentland Volunteer Fire Department in Prince George’s County, Md and a technician (driver) with the DCFD assigned to Engine Co. 4. Previously he served as a Career Firefighter, Technician and Lieutenant in Virginia with Loudoun County Fire-Rescue. With this diverse array of field experiences, he brings knowledge to students from all aspects of operations; ranging from volunteer to career and urban to rural.


From youth, his ambition was to become a fireman. In his desire to learn, he has spent most of his life gathering knowledge and experience from many great firemen. Some of his biggest lessons learned are: the street smart approach, outside the box thinking, and upholding the pride and valuable traditions within our unique culture.