Jumpseat Ready Firefighter

Good morning from the jumpseat. Today’s technology is allowing us an “all access” view of the fire service.  After recieving a tweet about this video I thought that id share a few “Jumpseat Views” on it or “keyboard Quarterback it”.

As the video show a “tranitional attack” works well in this case.  They roll up, master stream the fire, then roll in to finish off the job.  We use this method around WV  especially  with the decreasing numbers on manpower.

A few other quick pointers from this video:

  • The firefighter left their gloves on tho place face-piece in service.
  • Used a entry point other than the door
  • Did a great 360
Often when folks post videos we become hyper-critical.  In this  video I feel like there are some great learning points on how to do things right.  Kudos to this firefighter for being  #jumpseatready!