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Welcome back to the Jumpseat!  We would like to introduce our new articles that feature YOU!  Views from the jumpseat has a constant stream of tweets from various firefighters from around the world.  Now we are taking your tweets and adding to the discussion of various topics here on the views.


First question:  Can you be a good #firefigther and a good Paramedic?

Jabronie ‏@jabroniehd
@Jumpseatviews u can b decent at both but u can only b great at one or the other

Average Jake ‏@AverageJakeFF
@Jumpseatviews I think you can but can you be exceptional at both I do not think so. Just like a multi tool it does a lot of things good but

Capt. William Bad @E4Capt
@Jumpseatviews yes u can. My main prob w medics has always been pulling weight during house duties

Here is the Jumpseat view on this one:

I agree with most of all who responded.  It is hard to be good at fighting fires and Para-medicine.  Both take time to develop the skills necessary to be proficient. Being a good firefighter takes constant drilling, learning, and sharing of experiences.  Hmmm….kinda sounds like EMS runs.

Firefighting goes hand in hand with EMS these days. We do more ems than fires by a long shot!  We should make it our mission to be good in both disciplines   It takes a knowledgeable fire training officer and a constant program of refreshing, reteaching, and going over all the skills need for both!


Keep the Tweets a Coming!  Look for another twitter discussion soon from the Jumpseat!