Life goes on!

As I sit in my favorite station recliner reflecting on the past week my head just continues to spin like a top.  I can’t remember a week of my personal life that had this many ups and down’s.  From the awesome presentation to the property managers to the loss of a dear friend emotions ran high this week. But during this time one thing remains constant, life and the fire service goes on.

Once my family had learned of Firefighter-Paramedic Denis Cooper (Ret) passing  the emotions really began to hit. Remembering who she was and how she affected our lives made for some tears being shed. The thought that remained is what would Denise do.  Denise would cry, support, honor, then get back to work.  You see she was as devoted to the fire-ems service as a person could be and she had a family value that you don’t see often these days.

So this week ended with Denise being laid to rest and a hectic week in the city that she loved and served for 20 years. A city that owes a lot to her contributions that she made. It’s hard to say how many people she has helped by training fire-ems folks while she was here. Now that she is gone we will carry a part of her with us and long for the day that you hear “hello, sunshine” on the medbase radio!

Its time to do what she would have wanted, back to work serving the community she loved!

Rest in Peace Denise…we miss you!!!