Maybe we all should be Bloggers!


Peshtigo Wisconsin Fire

As I have begun the promotional process, I have started reading the massive amounts of reading material.  In this material has been a interesting chapter on firefighting history. I must admit that I haven’t been a huge history fan but maybe with age comes wisdom and it is so interesting now.  Learning about the great Chicago fire and the largest loss of life fire in Peshtigo Wisconsin has opened my eyes wide.

We all have learned that those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.  The fire service learned so much from these two events that it shaped modern building codes and firefighting procedures.

My question to you is “what did you learn from your last fire?” 

It should not take such large scale incidents like these for us to learn a lesson in our trade.  Every emergency that we run we should learn a lesson. It is these lesson that provide the topics for my views from the jumpseat articles and blogs.  Maybe we all should be a blogger and share these experiences with the world or at least your department.

I realize that writing takes a lot of time and effort but the education that we can gain would be worth every minute.  One of the reason is that I started sharing my views is I felt like the backwards riding firefighters were missing the voice to express their point of view.    I would venture to say that my views are not that different from yours and maybe yours could offer some other views and learning points.

So the next time you run a emergency call grab a laptop, iphone, ipad, or a notebook, what’s that and write down a couple learning points from it to share with your crew.  Who knows, you may wake up one day and have a website, twitter, or facebook account where you can share your views and fell how honored you can be if your information can affect just one firefighters safety.  I can tell you that there is no bigger honor than to know that you have helped Just one!


Be safe….and always #jumpseatready!