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As I arrive back to my favorite chair after completing a slow run/walk my mind kept wondering back to why I write?  Writing, tweeting, and sharing information with all of you is the biggest thing I have done in my fire service career.  Why is that? Because I feel that we need to give back on a bigger level to pay it forward to the next generation of firefighters.  So my questions today is “have you mentored a new firefighter”?

Mentoring a new firefighter can be one of the most rewarding things that you can experience.  Taking the time to invest in someone’s career pay’s dividends ten fold.  A little background on where I came into this equation was nearly 20 years ago a fire chief from states away took a chance on me, a unguided dreamer, and has molded me into the firefighter I am today.

You can listen to my story here: 

So, how do you become a mentor?  Where do you begin?  I believe that you should choose a “mentee” based on shared values, direction, and motivation, with the premium on motivation.  Does the person you are talking to have a deep “burning” passion that drives them to be successful?  Once you have narrowed down your choice invite them for a sit down dinner and talk to them about their goals, wishes, and dreams.

Many folks want to be firefighters but don’t know where to begin.  I always say begin with a mentor and if you are always looking for one you will be approachable and open to the chance.  It’s time to pay it forward, pay it forward by finding someone like you and helping them achieve their goals.


I could never repay my mentor enough for his time, efforts, and support. So it is with his wishes that I repay him by paying it forward.  On to the next generations of firefighter like you and me!  I challenge you to find someone to mentor too and make sure that they are #jumpseatready


Thanks Rich for years of direction….Because SAMATTERS!


Bunker up, Buckle in, it’s where we all begin!