New Firefighters

New Firefighters

New Firefighters Advancing up stairs from a standpipe connections

Good Sunday evening from the jumpseat!

 This was truly a long, rewarding weekend for my self and the@firehousebench.  We spent two days conducting skills evolution’s with Firefighter 1 students here in WV.  It truly is amazing seeing firefighter see fire for the first time.  It resembles a young child’s face on Christmas morning!  “Look mom a new….” comes to mind each time I have the honor of sharing this experience.

One pressing point that continues to come up when teaching firefighters is the need to keep a constant grasp of the basic skills.  Today we introduced the student’s to standpipe connections, crosslay deployment  and advancing a hoseline in live fire conditions.  Even thought the students are completing their first firefighter class they showed the ability of handling the skills, with a few corrections. Corrections that could easily happen to you and I.

 Let’s review a key points from today’s session:

  • Don’t stretch Short
  • Make sure your hose is racked and ready before the Fire happens
  • If your hose get’s tangled, breathe and slow down to correct the problem
  • Don’t stretch Short

Did I mention “Don’t Stretch Short” enough.  Today’s students were placed in a situation that a pre-connected line would not complete the evolution and the stumbled at first realizing that their hoseline needed another section.  Once they identified the problem and made the adjustments the completed with no problem.

With 20 years in the fire service I often feel just like our student’s did today.  I feel like I have so much still to learn and basic firefighter skills can never be practiced enough.  Can you ever be too good of a firefighter, I vote NO.  Everyone has room for improvement so get up and go get better!


Bunker up, Buckle In, it’s where we all begin……..