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We all should take time and Read the Niosh reports of our fallen brothers and sisters as their story may save your life.  This niosh reports has many key points we all should be looking for.  Sometimes even doing things right we still can have a tragedy!  God bless the fallen and his family!

Fire Behavior

A first floor occupant called the 911 center and informed them of a fire that originated in the kitchen of their ground-floor apartment. When the fire department arrived, the fire was blowing out of the open sliding glass door of the ground floor apartment and was extending to the wooden balcony on the second floor (Photo 2). Fire and smoke also traveled up the common stairway and later exited through the open front door (Photo 3).

The fire was not contained by companies on Side C, compromised the second-floor sliding glass door, and spread to an overstuffed piece of furniture just inside the doorway of the second floor. This fire remained in a smoldering stage, consuming all the available oxygen, until the front door was opened. During the rescue of two occupants in the second floor apartment above the fire apartment, oxygen and sufficient cross ventilation were introduced to allow the smoldering fire to reach flashover, and the fire entered the common stairway and the third-floor apartment trapping the victim. Note: The fire traveled from the second floor to third floor apartment due to interference of the automatic door closures. Each apartment entrance door was equipped with an automatic self-closing device. Due to new carpet recently installed in each apartment, the doors did not automatically close. The door height had not been adjusted to allow the doors to self-close.

Note: The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) has developed a computerized fire model to aid in reconstructing the events of the fire. This model is available at the ATF Web site Adobe PDF fileExternal Web Site Icon at: .


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