Ohio Fire and EMS Review

Ohio Fire and Ems Expo

Ohio Fire and EMS Expo Review:

Good morning from the jumpseat!  Well, almost back in the Jumpseat.  I am finally getting a chance to catch my breath after returning from the Ohio Fire and EMS expo in Columbus Ohio.  It was a GREAT conference that was well attended and offered many great instructors.  I learned so much and met many great fire service folks.  I thought I would catch you up on the trip.


Meeting New People:

It is funny how you take away different things from the conferences you attend but always have one constant, Networking.  Ohio was no different.  From my arrival on Wednesday to departure late Friday I had the Honor of meeting lots of new “Fire Service” oriented folks.  The expo was packed full of quality instructors.  Being able to spend some time with Paul Hasenmeier from Firstduetackle.com and Andrew Brassard from Brotherhood Instructors, and Capt Dave from Firehouse.com made for some great fire discussions. 

It is truly amazing what you can learn just from spending a few moments talking with folks outside the classroom.  These three were not different, from school bus extrication to nozzle flow each of them offered some hints and tips from their specialty.  Unfortunately I was unable to sit in their classroom session but I have zero doubt that they were amazing.

Hoarding and Back the Truck Up!

Teaching Hoarders Class

My classroom session went great.  I did learn a lot from each one.  From my Hoarding session I learned that I have too much content to squeeze into a 90 minute session.  Looking back at all the content that I have collected I am thinking that two or three 90 minute session are needed.  From Hoarding awareness to Hoarding tactics there is so much that needs adjusted when responding to these emergencies  it just can’t be crammed into 90 minutes.

From Back the Truck up I learned that firefighters everywhere experience the same things.  Peer Pressure, Complacency and Flashover Dangers are real.  We need to constantly fight all three to keep ourselves safer. Some minor adjustments and a LOUD beep…beep… beep will put take this session to the next level.  Driving home the solutions to these three problems.

The End

In closing I would like to thank Mark Zambito and all the staff at the Ohio Fire and EMS Expo for inviting me aboard.  Their conference is growing each year and I bet 2013 will not disappoint.  I look forward to reaching out to the contacts that I made this week to building lasting relationships with fire service leaders.  Who knows, you might even see some collaborations with some in the near future…………..
Bunker up, Buckle in, it’s where we ALL begin…….