Pay it Forward!

Seems like with the more I get to share information about Emergency Services the more I am blessed with the opportunity to mentor or help lead the generation next. As a 15 year career passes before my eyes I can distinctly remember a young 20 year old that was wondering from job to job and hadn’t been serious about anything. Then he discovered Emergency Services and BAM! It seems like everything fell into place. Firefighter 1, 2, EMT, and paramedic all came one after the other. Pretty soon I was clocking in to my first shift as a career Emergency services professional. Now keep in mind that all along the way I received help and direction. But that is exactly what I am writing about.

A wise man once asked me,” How to you drive from West Virginia to California?” I said “well I guess I would need a map?” So I mapped it out and wrote it down! Ryan Pennington Fire-Medic. I wrote it on books, mirrors, lockers, and everything. This wise man has followed my career and given advice for 15 years now and I could never repay him for the things he has done for me. With his wise words he responded with this, “Pay it forward.”
Pay it forward is something that I will continue to do till I hang up my helmet. Everyday I get asked questions on becoming a professional Emergency Service Provider. From EMT to Fire-Medic people look to us for advice, just like I did 15 years ago. Same holds true to the brave men and women who sign up for their first Firefighter 1 or EMT class. The difference with this time is we get to be the lucky ones who are teaching the class! I encourage all of you to “Pay it Forward” just like rich has done for me. Take the time to serve as a mentor to the generation next. Who knows, they could be coming to our house one day to help us!!
For future Emergency Service Professionals, heres to you. Grab a piece of paper and start the map from where you are to where you want to be! “Insert name here- Fire-Medic” The road might get bumpy and long ,but stay the coarse. Your goals can and will be achieved if you pay attention to details, work hard, and follow the map. Then when its your turn to lead you will have the HONOR of being a mentor like Dr. Richard Gasaway is to me. Because one day you will be writing a blog and saying “Pay it Forward.” all while being blessed with helping such honorable men and women of your Emergency Services!
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