Confirmed Dates for 2013

Hoarder Homes: Piles of Hazards and Back the Truck Up 

Jan 9,2013 Whitesville, WV:

 Hoarder Homes: Piles of Hazards:Ripley WV

 Jan 15, 2013

Keynote Presentation   Preston County WV 

February 2, 2013 

Charleston WV Fire Department: Hoarder Homes Piles of hazards for firefighters 

February 4,5,6 2013

 Firehouse World  San Diego California :Hoarder Homes: Piles of Hazards and Back the Truck Up

February 19-21 

Point Pleasant Fire Department Hoarder Homes:Piles of Hazards for Firefighters 

March 18,2013

 West Virginia Public Safety Expo:  Hoarder Homes  8 Hour Presentation with Practical evolution’s  

 May 10 2013

 Fire Departments Information Conference Acadia University, Wolfville, Nova Scotia

June 7th – 9th, 2013

Firehouse Expo  Baltimore Maryland: Hoarder Homes: Piles of Hazards Presentation

 July 24-27 

Ohio Fire and Ems Expo Columbus Ohio

 September 26-27 

Virginia Ems Conference  Hoarder Homes:Piles of hazards for EMS 

November 6-10 2013