Radio Strap Debate

Good afternoon from the jumpseat.

Over or Under

I can’t get away from this great debate.  Over the coat, under the coat, and can’t stand them are three common comment’s that I often hear about when you mention the radio strap.  We all know the importance of carrying a radio when running emergency calls but how you carry it can influence your safety as well.  Let’s take a quick look into this debate from a couple different view points.

1. Wear you radio: Whether you choose to carry it in a leather strap or on your side your radio will do you Zero good if it’s hanging on the hook at the station.

2. Train with it: Wherever you choose to hang your radio you need to wear it the same way in training as you do on responses.

3. Use a glove hand:  When you train with your radio make sure that you are using your fire gloved hand.  Often times I think firefighter assume the can use it the same as when not wearing them!

Let’s start a good debate.  Do you wear a your radio in a strap and if so over or under your coat. I choose to wear my radio in the strap on ems, fire, and all emergencies.  Wearing it in a consistent spot leads for smoother operations.  I also choose to wear it under my coat as to give it some protection and lessen the chance for entanglement.


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